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Groß Schönebeck Hunting Lodge
With two permanent exhibitions -"Hunting and Power" and "Max Schmeling"

Hunting Lodge

schloss ico


Museum Barn

scheune ico


Special Exhibition

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"Hunting and Power" in the Schorfheide – Since 2009 visitors have been able to see this multi-part exhibition
which shows the 300-year-old history of hunting in an entertaining as well as impressive way.
It comprises the rule of Prussian kings and German Emperors, the Weimar Republic era,
the times of Nazi dictatorship and of the German Democratic Republic
which eventually ended up in German reunification in 1989, as well as a special exhibition about boxer and hunter Max Schmeling.

The rooms of the Hunting Lodge exhibit how Prussian kings
and German emperors lived and how they influenced the development of the Schorfheide.
Also on display is a special exhibition about boxer and hunter Max Schmeling.

In the so-called Museum Barn a large variety of visual and audio material illustrates
the period of upheaval leading from the Weimar Republic democracy to the Nazi dictatorship.
It also looks at the more recent history of German reunification. This part of the exhibition is presented on two floors.
Video projections which create surprising viewpoints form an essential part of the exhibition’s layout and design.
A unique audio installation makes it possible to experience the different time periods
and historical events in different sound environments. The room is divided by huge display elements.

Visitors can see hunting trophies and video clips of animal movies, three enormous bronze sculptures by Arno Breker and a model of Carinhall.